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You will learn where you want to lead your audience by asking key questions to identify the end result you desire. Find out how this book will help launch your business with confidence.

Jane M Power's book "Speak with Confidence. Sell with Authority " contains some of the most powerful tools, strategies, and formulas to transform not only your life but your business. By reading Jane’s book, you will experience and discover a new way of doing business that allows you to connect with who you are and why you do what you do.

If you know Jane, then you know she loves getting down to business and getting it done right. She has created two multi-million dollar businesses and knows how to lead people to success. By working with entrepreneurs, Jane has demonstrated time and time again that she is a master at messaging and sales. She is also incredibly successful and enjoys nothing more than seeing her clients grow their business. She loves their success. The methods Jane provides in this book have been proven over and over again by her clients who have successfully grown their businesses.

Jane will show you that living your truth is about redefining who you are in the work you do. You achieve that when your participation in who you are is high and you have low attachment to who you want other people to be. Jane says to minimize your attachment to the outcome. Most of the time people are so stuck on what’s in it for them that they forget to align with their true values and who they are. People get so wrapped up in generating results that they lose what matters most to them and what is at the heart of what they want to do.

One of the fastest ways to get high-paying clients is to deliver your message to the masses, whether to an audience of one or 1,000 for 7 seconds or 7 hours.

Discover how to share your knowledge and expertise in front of the right audience, so it sells.

Imagine being able to have five- and six-figure paydays by doing what you love…sharing your brilliance. Let's get you in front of the right people to have an impact that sells. Design and structure your message in way that Speaks to Profit. You will move people to say ‘yes’ to working with you and they will refer you over and over again.

  • Grow your business from multiple platforms
  • Gain powerful lead generation strategies to fill your sales funnel
  • Content seeding that builds desire and action by your ideal clients
  • Discover the keys elements that actually make you money in your talk
  • Transition to your offer with confidence and sell with authority
  • Convert the right people into paying clients
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    Create a big impact, big income "INTROmercial"
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    Authentically sell and overcome objections with ease

Be Authentic - Be YOU

"Your business, talk, presentation, sales style, and manner of expression must be solely built around you, your values, and your truth. I am not saying you won’t make money selling someone else’s stuff, but most women in my experience define success beyond the ability to make money." 

~Jane M Powers

Suffering from Comparanoia

"Stop being a copycat or mimicking others by giving your feelings and thoughts a voice. Start by acknowledging your feelings of fear, doubt, or competition. Admit that you suffer from comparanoia. Be aware when you engage in comparing thoughts and feelings. Awareness is the first step to change. You may not catch yourself in comparanoia if you don’t pay attention to your automatic thoughts and patterns." 

unexpressed emotions

"Denied or unexpressed emotions will find an escape hatch, skillfully or unskillfully. We all know when we feel bad and when we feel good. A bad feeling creates a desire to feel better, so we unconsciously start to dump or get the feeling out. If we don’t do this in a skillful manner, our feelings dump or spill out onto others. Sports was my emotional outlet. Different people have different outlets. The best example is road rage. If you want to know if you have any unexpressed emotions, get on the road during rush hour and see how you react to always being in the slowest lane or having that one driver not move out into the left turn lane so you can make the light. Suddenly you have expert advice to make every road more efficient and a few strong words to inspire change. You know who you are!"

What Others are Saying . . .


I have had 40,000 people go through my courses and programs. Jane M Powers’ wit and humor, her ability to command a room, and her ability to sell in an aligned and powerful way inspired me to hire her to help me craft the opening of my talk, tighten my message, and sell in an aligned manner in 90 minutes or less. Over the span of six months, I went from converting 5K in a presentation to my personal best of $128,000 in 75 minutes!

Jay Fiset 

Founder, Mastermind to Millions


Ignore this book at your own risk. It’s a must-read for anyone who’s serious about creating and delivering an impactful message that sells . . . while having fun doing it.

Isabelle Mercier
Brand & Business Performance Catalyst, TEDx Speaker, One of North America’s Top Small Business Influencers


Here's the thing about Jane M. Powers--not only is she an expert in her field, she knows how to clearly communicate the principles of building a successful professional presence, whether as an entrepreneur or "intrapreneur." If you follow her guidance and DO the work, you will experience an exponential increase in your influence, impact, and profitability. I've seen Jane in action at live events and via webinars. It's great to see her sharing her expertise and her heart (you see, she really cares) with a wider audience through Speak With Confidence Sell With Authority.


Feelings to Results

"Our feelings are the fuel for everything we do. Feelings create our desires and actions. For example, feeling bad triggers a desire or a need to feel good. Therefore, we search for what will help us feel good. I am convinced that the more you feel, the more you live. I experienced a complicated childhood, including my mother’s early death, alcoholism in my family, and sexual abuse that resulted in some truly deep, negative emotions. I did not know how to experience my feelings when I was growing up. Once I began expressing them, I had a much greater capacity for positive feelings. The key is not to “get over” your feelings, but to relate to your feelings in a way that transforms you and your life.

I’ve developed a formula to help me move from my feelings to results. This quick formula allows you to feel the feelings and move on. Do you sometimes feel like Bill Murray’s character in Groundhog Day? Do you ever set your goals or start your day with the best of intentions, only to encounter familiar roadblocks, obstacles, and negative feelings that stop you? Everyone experiences reoccurring feelings, triggers, or patterns that can block us from experiencing joy, enthusiasm, and intentional actions.

I don't know about you, but I get tired of the same negative patterns or triggers showing up repeatedly in my life. But it isn’t the experience of old feelings and patterns that's the problem. It’s how we relate to them. What works best is to be aware of the feelings, feel them, give a kind glance to the related patterns, and quickly move on to fulfill our goals and dreams. My friend and mentor, Mary Morrissey, used to say, “Many live ninety years and many live ninety years, one year at a time.” That is a very profound concept and TRUE. If we string enough amazing hours together, we get an amazing day. And if we string enough of those amazing days together, we get an amazing week, then year, and then an amazing life!"

What Others are Saying . . .


I’m a professional performer who’s been on stage my entire life. As soon as I met Jane, I knew I needed to work with her. Together, we transformed my talk in one day. I felt so grounded and powerful that I was able to communicate exactly the message I wanted to my audience

Molly Mahoney 

Camera Confidence Coach, Facebook Live Master


Jane M Powers’ process for crafting your talk, overcoming objections, and closing sales is nothing short of brilliant! Don’t miss crafting your INTROmercialTM in Part 3 of Speak with Confidence. Sell with Authority to set you apart from anyone else in your marketplace. That alone is worth thousands of dollars in new clients!

Tammy Lane
The 7-Figure Business Accelerator, Author of Facebook Faucet: Turn Up Your Client Flow With Easy Facebook Ads


Jane M Powers is the go-to person for speakers who want to sell successfully and with high integrity. If you want to master how to engage any audience and boost your bottom line, Speak with Confidence. Sell with Authority is a must read. There are no meaningless platitudes in Jane’s book—only proven methods of success to turn your message into money.

Iman Aghay
Founder and Director, Success Road Academy®, Founder, Entrepreneurs International NetworkTM

Jane M Powers

Jane M. Powers is a straight-talking, success generating, big-hearted Speaker, Coach and Sales Expert. Founder of Lets Talk Impact, Jane guides thousands around the world to Speak with Confidence and Sell with Authority. Using her unique system she has created two multimillion-dollar businesses and now helps others do the same by bringing power to their message and conversions to their sales, while gaining visibility, growing their list and expanding their bank accounts. Best known for her commanding presence, simple strategies and humor, she engages and inspires audiences to break through blocks and obstacles, propelling them into action – helping them secure sustainable success.

For over 25 years, Jane has been commanding stages from Corporate American to some of the finest such as Mary Morrissey, Marcia Weider, Suzanne Evans and more. Having over 30 years of sales success has given her the tools to help others master the art of enrollment. Jane helps entrepreneurs, business owners and organizations turn their message to money and more importantly deliver their message in the world so that they speak to profit.

She strategizes the action necessary to build sustainable results using proven systems and formulas that convert audiences time and time. She has streamlined formulas to get greater results by actually working LESS! Her strategies and systems start you on your fastest path to lasting cash, results and success! As a life-time student of Mind Technology and business systems, she is among an elite group in her industry, Jane uses her knowledge and experience to help others exceed their personal potential to achieve success implementing Ninja Science Tools and Mindset Technologies! No matter the goal or plan, the implementation of her simple practices has led, not only her life but others to ultimately achieve enviable success. The art of cutting away months or even years of hesitation, false starts and procrastination is a trademark of her success

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