“We had a VIP day with Jane and it was fabulous both in value and content. She is quick to understand what we needed next, in order to branch out from the coaching entrepreneur business to working with couples. At the end of the day we had a clear system in place for a successful business that we are passionate about .

After working with Jane, I had my best 3 days signing up two clients and making more money than I had before. The bonus: We had lots of fun too! Jane, you rock!”

Valerie, Wa
“Since my VIP Day and one on one coaching with Jane, I have doubled my Real Estate Business income. Jane has really helped me to find my voice and my true POWER to improve my business and personal relationships. Jane’s true passion shows through in her coaching. Her true compassion for others and her ability to see the truth of who we really are, coupled with her Live Full Out philosophy has really impacted my life in ways I could never have imagined. You deserve to live the life you have imagined! Jane will help you get there”
Mary, AZ
“You motivate, empower and educate with fun and connection. You are a tremendous motivator and speaker. You are REAL and people feelso comfortable to say YES to themselves. You have the ability to connect with all people easily and on a deep level. Or for that matter, on any level they need you to. (if that makes sense). “
Various Anonymous


Jane M. Powers is a straight talking, success generating, big hearted Speaker, Coach and Sales Expert. Founder of Lets Talk Impact, Jane guides thousands around the world to Speak with Confidence and Sell with Authority. Using her unique system she has created two multimillion dollar businesses and now helps others do the same by bringing power to their message and conversions to their sales, while gaining visibility, growing their list and expanding their bank accounts.

Best known for her commanding presence, simple strategies and humor, she engages and inspires audiences to break through blocks and obstacles, propelling them into action – helping them secure sustainable success.

For over 25 years, Jane has been commanding stages in from Corporate American to some of the finest such as Mary Morrissey, Marcia Weider, Suzanne Evans and more. Her over 30 years of sales success has given her the tools to help others master the art of enrollment.

Jane helps entrepreneurs, business owners and organizations turn their message to money and more importantly deliver their message in the world so that they speak to profit. She strategizes the action necessary to build sustainable results using proven systems and formulas that convert audiences time and time. She has streamlined formulas to get greater results by actually working LESS! Her strategies and systems start you on your fastest path to lasting cash, results and success!

As a life-time student of Mind Technology and business systems, she is among an elite group in her industry, Jane uses her knowledge and experience to help others exceed their personal potential to achieve success implementing Ninja Science Tools and Mindset Technologies!

No matter the goal or plan, the implementation of her simple practices has led, not only her life but others to ultimately achieve enviable success. The art of cutting away months or even years of hesitation, false starts and procrastination is a trademark of her success.

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