Let's Talk Impact Event Phoenix 2018

Speak with Confidence! Sell with Authority!

Event Location: 

Arizona Biltmore Waldorf

2400 E Missouri Ave 

Phoenix, AZ 85016 

 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $197 Refundable Deposit* (Includes Complimentary Ticket)

Turn Your Message to Money from ANY Platform.

  • Grow your business from multiple platforms
  •  Gain powerful lead generation strategies to fill your sales funnel  
  •  Content seeding that builds desire and action by your ideal clients .
  •  Discover the keys elements that actually make you money in your talk
  •  Transition to your offer with confidence and sell with authority 
  •  Convert the right people into paying clients 
  •  Create a big impact, big income "INTROmercial"
  •  Authentically sell and overcome objections with ease

After 30 years of speaking, selling, cold calling, slammed doors, and hangs up...I have found every trick in the book to close the sale in an authentic and caring, yet direct way.

One of the fastest ways to get high-paying clients is to deliver your message to the masses, whether to an audience of one or 1,000 for 7 seconds or 7 hours. Speaking is the easiest way to do this! Discover how to share your knowledge and expertise in front of the right audience, so it sells.  

Imagine being able to have five- and six-figure paydays by doing what you love…sharing your brilliance. Let's get you in front of the right people to have an impact that sells. Design and structure your message in way that Speaks to Profit. You will move people to say ‘yes’ to working with you and they will refer you over and over again.

Connect, Capture, and Close with your Unique and Impactful Message.

Let's Talk Impact Delivers....

  • Simple methods to stop doing all the things you think you need to do and JUST make money
  • Systems to create a big impact, big income talk  
  • An effortless way to generate leads  
  • Formulas to increase sales and convert more clients, without selling a thing  
  • Scripts to overcome any objections  
  • Content Creation shortcuts to design and structure value-based programs and services  
  • Transformation to think, do, and be the leading expert in your arena

  • Positioning techniques vital to the success of your business  
  • Fill your sales funnel in one full swoop and stop generating leads one-by-one  
  • Make all your toughest problems and challenges go away in 7 easy steps  
  • Easily make a lot of money just sharing your message and know how to package and present an offer that potential clients really want  
  • Have your ideal clients begging to work with you


  • Access to the Main Event
  • Access to All BreakOut Sessions
  • Refundable Ticket*

Only $197


  • Access to the Main Event
  • Access to All BreakOut Sessions
  • Reserved Seating 
  • Pre-Event VIP Mastermind Evening of Sept 5 
  • VIP Lunches on Day 1& 2
  • Bonus Session with Jane M Powers 
  • Two other specials surprises 

Only $397

Join inspired entrepreneurs for 3 refreshing, invigorating, and captivating days of speaking, selling, and content creation.

It’s a three day event that delivers the latest hot tips for lead generation to gain expert status and CLIENTS. Stop being the best kept secret.

Speakers Include:

Bibi Goldstein

Founder of Buying Time LLC

Before starting her own virtual assistant business, Buying Time, Bibi spent 22 years in the corporate world working for companies like North American Logistics and UPS. 

Bibi’s experience in the corporate arena, and her Infusionsoft and Six Sigma certifications, translate directly to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners understand the value of time management and setting up systems to do the work for them.  

Jay Fiset

Bestselling Author • Keynote Speaker • Millionaire Mastermind Mentor • Online Conversion Expert • Joint Venture Maven

Jay Fiset is a best selling author, speaker and the founder of Creators Code. Jay is dedicated to instigating a global movemen of Conscious Creators and suppporting people to organize their life and resoruces around their passions and gifts.  

Jay is also the founder of Mastermind to Millions, where he provides expert training on launching successful masterminds to add more revenue to your business.

Darin Adams

Professional Speaker at Infusionsoft

Darin Adams is an award-winning marketing expert who has coached thousands of businesses how to build connections with their audiences. 

All success starts with relationships and he has taught people all around the world how to build those relationships through automation. Now he’s here to show you how you can get organized, save time and grow your business while working less.

Tammy Lane

Founder of Facebook Faucet

Business Growth Accelerator Tammy Lane is fiercely committed to guiding service-based entrepreneurs to finding their “Profit Sweetspots” and building automatic systems for consistently and automatically welcoming new clients and filling their programs. 

Tammy has mastered the art of unleashing a faucet of never-ending, high quality leads, clients, and sales for their growing businesses.

Iman Aghay

Founder of Success Road Academy

Iman Aghay is the founder of Success Road Academy, one of the largest information marketing academies in the world. He is also the creator of Ultimate Course Formula.  

Iman has over 45 online courses and he has helped 100s of people to successfully create and launch their online courses in many different niche markets.

Owner / Founder of BlackBeltBots

RJ Redden

As a Technology Guru for over 20 years, RJ has transformed the world of online relationship building. 

Entrepreneurs hire RJ Redden to build Ninja Bots because most can't get noticed online to save their lives and think if they just focus on building an email list... step up that social media posting... or go Live more often they will be discovered. 

So RJ helps, you have a one on one conversation with potential clients, get answers to all your questions, and be able to qualify potential clients - automagically.

Bobbie Casalino-Lewis

Style Coach

Growing up in the NYC Metro area, Bobbie was exposed to a variety of styles and cultures which she has incorporated into her style and notable fashion sense today.

She creates magic inside and outside of the closet, by making outfits out of what you already have and giving it the pop and sizzle you need.

Sponsors Include:

Darcy Davis-Beghein 

Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Mindset Mentor

Darcy Davis-Beghein is a Coach, Speaker, Mindset Mentor, and Founder of Heart Stream Life Coaching.  

Business professionals hire her to turn their purpose into profit with simple Mindset Secrets. Darcy leads people to ignite the passion for more clarity, confidence, and consistent action to accelerate and unleash greater success in their business and personal lives.

Jenny Harkleroad

Balanced You Founder & Professional Psych-K® Facilitator

Jenny Harkleroad is an author, speaker and mind change expert. 

She’s a business leader building a San Diego business producing double digits in the millions. 

Jenny and her team help others to reprogram their minds for ultimate success to create more money, more time and more freedom.

Laura Bush

Founder & CEO, Peacock Proud Press Book Writing & Publishing

Dr. Laura Bush has a PhD in English. 

After a 20-year career teaching composition and literature at ASU, she founded Peacock Proud Press. 

Entrepreneurs hire her to write a bestselling book, so they can establish their credibility and be seen as experts who make a bigger difference and a bigger income!

Shawn Jones

CEO of Network Together, LLC

Network Together's passion is to Micro, Small, or Big Businesses. 

They create a unified, passionate and strong business family that embraces life in its richness, variety, and abundance. 

Also to be dedicated to honesty, incredible closeness and ongoing support and sustainability for their Members. 

They now have 15 chapters and over 800 opportunities to network together per year. 

Lorenzo Hickey

Founder of the Shape SHIFT Company

Lorenzo Hickey has built functional departments and divisions to support and grow the sales of small businesses in startup or growth mode, as well as very large, established corporations with 20,000 plus employees. In between working at large organizations, Lorenzo helped form 18 leading-edge startup companies from 1990-2010. At the first startup, Lorenzo was the 11th mployee of a business that grew to 950 employees globally. Currently, Lorenzo believes these are dynamic times to co-create with a new generation of likeminded individuals who are moving toward more collaborative and cooperative business models.  

Becky Norwood

International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach, Certified Book Publishing Expert.

Book Publishing Expert, Best Selling Author, Speaker, & Coach bringing over 50 authors to #1 Bestseller.

Her unique approach to publishing is teaching authors to treat their book as a business. 

Weaving marketing into each aspect of a client’s journey to authorship, results in getting read, seen and heard, establishing their expertise, catapulting their business success.

Toni Kaufman

CEO of KDDM Inc., Speaker, Business Strategist, Coach, Mentor, and Public Figure

Toni brings a hi-energy level of empowerment to her audience. Motivated and inspired are two descriptions of how her audiences leave after her talks. From near death experiences to driven, absolute entrepreneurship. 

Toni’s growing up in movie theaters and expertise in casting and production of shows such as The Latin Grammys, American Idol (Objetivo Fama) Family Feud, (Que Dice La Gente) enables her talks to always include ‘snippets’ of lessons learned from the entertainment industry.

Steve Cozart

The Camera Guy, For the Camera-Shy

Steve Cozart – known as “The Camera Guy, For the Camera-Shy”, is an international award-winning photographer.  

Steve believes in creating a space of ease & fun where his clients learn to LOVE being in front of the camera.  

There’s something powerful about owning even a single photograph of yourself that you absolutely love! 

Jackie Lapin

Owner of SpeakerTunity™

Jackie Lapin helps leaders with a message of transformation deliver their message to millions. As “The Transformational Connector,” she provides resources and guidance through her SpeakerTunity™ programs that get changemakers booked for speaking engagements, radio shows, podcasts and virtual summits across North America. 

Through her Conscious Companies, Jackie has personally booked more than 10,000 interviews and speaking engagements over the past years.

Linda Cain  

Founder of Blu Diamond Event Management

Linda Cain is all about events. She formed Blu Diamond Event Management to offer a variety of services to the live event industry clients; from 1) full production of your live event, retreat or mastermind program; 2) site selection and contract negotiation; 3) vision and budget strategy sessions; 4) onsite event management and support; 5) “Event Ready” assessment and coaching program, specifically tailored to planning your live event.

Blu Diamond Event Management is all about the "heart" and "relationship" for the client and the attendee...


  • Attracting all the right clients that you want 
  • Generating money is much easier than you are making it out to be
  • Increasing your confidence with the perfectly crafted ‘INTROmercial’ 
  • Never getting tripped up by ANY objection
  • Building your list & filling your high-end client pipeline to have the income you’ve been striving for 
  • Discovering dozens of ways to get in front of your ideal prospects 
  • Creating scaleable, saleable programs, services, and products
  • Selling with authority from your Powerul Program Pyramid
  • Converting sales at a premium price
  • Finally feeling like you know what to do and how to do it


  • Access to the Main Event
  • Access to All BreakOut Sessions
  • Refundable Ticket*

Only $197


  • Access to the Main Event
  • Access to All BreakOut Sessions
  • Reserved Seating 
  • Pre-Event VIP Mastermind Evening of Sept 5 
  • VIP Lunches on Day 1& 2
  • Bonus Session with Jane M Powers 
  • Two other specials surprises 

Only $397

BOTTOMLINE...this is NOT a sit and listen while your butt goes numb event. This is a hands on, put it into action three day event! 


If you made it this far down the event page then, one of two things is true for you...

One, you have a burning desire to make a lasting impression on the world with your genius. OR - 

Two, you are frustrated, worn out, defeated, disillusioned, exhausted, broke, broken, marred, panicked, paralyzed, freaked, sidelined, disenchanted, spent....PHEW! And- you want things to be way easier and far more profitable. OR- 

BOTH! I have been around the block enough times to conclude, no matter the level of your success, you are striving for more money, freedom, and ease.

Over the years, I found most people are following the crowd and trying to do what the industry leaders are all doing. SURE, it is great to model after the best, but you must stay true to you. At my event you will stand up, speak up, and BE YOU! 

Every part of your business, whether is your very own "INTROmercial", talk, Program Pyramid, or your signiture story, will scream YOU! My goal and commitment is to get you out there to share their knowledge and expertise so you get the sale. I also promise, you will never be boring, confusing, and inconsistent. 

Let me tell you when you learn to confidently share your expertise, and position the value you provide and why someone should work with you, your earnings with grow exponentially. I will share with you everything I have done to have 5- and 6-figure paydays. I will also share what NOT to do, cuz, I have made plenty of mistakes. 

Everything we do in leads to a sale. I will teach you how to sell without selling a thing! No one runs away or gets offended, they love you for it. 

I am not kidding, you will feel like you are being shot out of a cannon by the time the event is done. You will do your business in a much simpler effective way. 

I hope you realize you’re ready for Let's Talk Impact. 

See you there!


PS...It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started in your business and don’t have high-ticket programs or services yet. I’ll show you how to create them with my Program Pyramid. 

PSS....It doesn’t matter if you already have premium programs and services, I’ll show you how to effortlessly double what you are doing. 

Selling your programs, products, and services through speaking helps you:

  • Expand your visibility and reach; 
  • Position your expertise quickly; 
  • Build your credibility and authority in your industry; 
  • Skyrocket your revenue.

Did I mention when you attend Let's Talk Impact you’ll:

  • Get a ‘WOW’ factor sheet that will help you win any audience over in the first 30 seconds of beginning to speak  
  • Understand, anticipate, and know how to handle common objections confidently with our mindset techniques and ninja scientific tools – you’ll discover how easy it is to convert thousands more dollars in sales that you’ve been leaving on the table  
  • Walk away with a one sheet to provide meeting planners and other event hosts that professionally positions you and your expertise and gets them excited about having you speak at their events  
  • Create your own unique "INTROmercial"  
  • Fill in your Program Pyramid complete Pricing  
  • Know how to navigate any sales conversation  
  • Discover the 7 key elements that actually make you money in your talk .  
  • Understand how to find your ideal clients and know what to say when you find them to create interest in what you do and take the next step with you .  
  • Release your biggest fears about selling, asking for money, and getting your prospects to say ‘yes’ .  
  • Expand your money mindset and raise your confidence so you can increase your fees, attract higher paying clients, and generate 2 to 5 times more income in your business than ever before.  
  • Learn how to go from selling a few hundred dollars to generating tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in products and services with a clear and concise message.


  • Access to the Main Event
  • Access to All BreakOut Sessions
  • Refundable Ticket*

Only $197


  • Access to the Main Event
  • Access to All BreakOut Sessions
  • Reserved Seating 
  • Pre-Event VIP Mastermind Evening of Sept 5 
  • VIP Lunches on Day 1& 2
  • Bonus Session with Jane M Powers 
  • Two other specials surprises 

Only $397

You will learn how to speak and sell in a way that is authentically YOU, and doesn’t feel awkward or salesy.

This Event Is For...

Entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone that shares their message to generate business leads and sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned presenter, or if you’re giving regular sales presentations and business pitches or if you’ve never spoken in front of a group before, this event will help you get more clients.

Money Making Platforms..

Attend the event and you’ll learn how to make money whether you are on stage, in a conference room making a presentation, being interviewed on a podcast or telesummit, delivering a webinar, or at a networking event. 

You’ll have a core message that you can weave through all you do, that will convert and bring a steady flow of clients to your door.


  • Access to the Main Event
  • Access to All BreakOut Sessions
  • Refundable Ticket*

Only $197


  • Access to the Main Event
  • Access to All BreakOut Sessions
  • Reserved Seating 
  • Pre-Event VIP Mastermind Evening of Sept 5 
  • VIP Lunches on Day 1& 2
  • Bonus Session with Jane M Powers 
  • Two other specials surprises 

Only $397

And I'm spent....I could go on for days about what you will get at the event, why not just show up and be blown away!?

Grab your ticket to Let's Talk Impact

Discover the latest strategies & secrets for getting more clients, faster, and easier than ever before.

Refundable Tickett

Let's Talk Impact

September 6-8, 2018 / Phoenix, Arizona  

Event Location: AZ Biltmore Waldorf 

2400 E Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Early Bird Regular Ticket $197 Refundable

Join me, and those who make their living sharing their knowledge and expertise, as we teach you how to increase your visibility and reach and create a lucrative business by monetizing your message.  


  • Access to the Main Event
  • Access to All BreakOut Sessions
  • Refundable Ticket*

Only $197


  • Access to the Main Event
  • Access to All BreakOut Sessions
  • Reserved Seating 
  • Pre-Event VIP Mastermind Evening of Sept 5 
  • VIP Lunches on Day 1& 2
  • Bonus Session with Jane M Powers 
  • Two other specials surprises 

Only $397

*Your refundable deposit is fully refundable when you attend the event. If you don’t show up, your deposit will NOT be refunded.

About the Host: Jane Powers

Using her straight-forward, big-hearted style, Jane M Powers guides thousands to transform their message to money with her “Speak and Sell Formula”. With decades of successful speaking and coaching, and perhaps most important of all – real-life experience founding and running multi-million dollar businesses, Jane appreciates that success is truly about the power of your message. Entrepreneurs hire Jane to unleash the world class speaker in them so that they can generate a sustainable sales funnel to easily identify, capture, and close ideal clients. With nearly 30 years of sales success as a Corporate Executive and Entrepreneur, she brings you everything you need to take advantage of the most powerful marketing tool around – Speaking! 

Jane is known for her practical, down-to-earth style. Jane’s fusion of savvy conversational techniques and real-life stories allow her to connect with her audience on an intensely intimate level. For over 25 years Jane has been stepping into the spotlight with a signature talk moving people to action to make more money, have more fun and most of all – make a difference.

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